We, Willem & Madeleine, work together since 1993 in different fields of the arts, using Hyperborea as our artist alias.

The first years of our collaboration ( 1993 - 2000 ) we've created a substantial collection of
sculptures in stone ( marble and granite ), but due to serious health problems ( Willem ) our universe shifted dramatically. Carving in stone was no longer an option and we had to find different ways to express our creativity.
With the help of some good friends we decided to start using the computer as our primarily tool. Needles to say that "coming from the stone age" it was quit a culture shock.

The process of learning how to handle the computer to use it as a digital sculpting tool was
a long road to travel. Slowly we got to grips with programs like Bryce, Amorphium, Xfrog and Zbrush. Adobe Photoshop is our post production tool.

We would like to give the viewer the experience of a different kind of world. A quiet, serene
and peaceful place with graceful life forms and beautiful landscapes.
As the digital work progressed we felt the need to compose additional music to accompany
the images in this realm of wonders. The use of computer musical instruments provided us
with the means to do just that.

As a direct result we are now creating soundtracks that enhance the feeling of "being there".  Slide shows of our art & music can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/user/hyperborea 

We hope you will enjoy this journey.

Best Regards,
Willem & Madeleine (aka) Hyperborea